“The Law of Oneness”                                                                                               ”We are all part of one unit”                                          Absolutely everything in our universe is interconnected, every choice, word, desire, action, and belief you have will have an impact on the people around you and on the whole world. Basically, “                                                  "you are a part of everything”.


Contrary to popular belief

                     12 laws of the Universe                       “The Law of Oneness” ”We are all part of one unit”,            The  Law of Vibration,  The Law of Attraction,                     The Law of Inspired Action, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, The Law of Cause and Effect,    The Law of Compensation, The Law of Relativity,              The Law of Polarity, The Law of Rhythm, The Law of Gender.

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Many variations of passages

  SO, WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW?              We must cross over again, but this time you will add something to the bridge itself that will allow you to cross over easier and with more hope and joy. It could be rose petals or a motorized walkway or whatever you see fit. You will continue this process until the bridge begins to disintegrate taking with it the land of chaos and you become fully glued to the land of tranquility and peace of mind.

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Long established fact a reader

                      Synopsis of glimpse                                     A doorway into the unknown with a relatively powerful flashlight.  A lifestyle consisting of higher consciousness that deals with the interlude that separates dimensions from one another. A never-ending life where death does not exist and improvements and advancements can be seen in you by others. Glimpse members are timeless, just as one can move back in time through memories; glimpse members will be able to travel forward into future events; to experience dejavu’s prior to them happening.  


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Life of an Artist in words

GENERIC MEMORY & SENSES                                            Our senses are our gateway into the unknown,                   the stronger the sense the less unknown. As we begin to develop our senses through meditation, we begin to view the world through a more complete lens, Moments, images, situations become clearer to us. We will notice things that we would have otherwise glossed over. In a as we become more conscious of ourselves, we automatically become more conscious of the universe including those around us. We start to notice things about our friends and family that we might have not seen for years.                       We start to notices objects and the detailing of those objects that we might have not noticed before. Practice looking at paintings you have seen many times, you will notice a lot of things that you have never seen before, practice looking at your friends, you may notice that their attention span is shorter than you thought or that they are often in a daze. Your senses have many layers of protection or blockage, depending on how you look at it. The wiser and more present you become the layers of blockage begin to fall off and your senses become more aware, allowing you to live a more fulfilling life. Why are we born with so many layers?? It is because the layers protect us from observing more information than the brain can handle. That is why we meditate, we do not meditate in order to gain more, we meditate in order to lose more. In mediation we are learning to lose useless information so that we may prepare for the accepting of useful information. As we practice being in a meditative state, we automatically pay more attention to detail and absorb information that we might have missed when we had those blockers.

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